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Transit Tablet Tables by Nevins featured in a multi-functional, multiuse workspace

It’s lunchtime in your workplace and you have a project you need to run through before an afternoon meeting. So you take a seat at your office’s new integrated seating area, grab your soup and salad, and pull over one of the new Transit Tablet Tables to perch your laptop on.

This is not just an imagined scenario – this is a reality in workplaces around the country. Work and productivity have left the restrictions of offices and cubicles and moved to wherever you need it to be. The workplace is now revolving around the person, instead of vice-versa.

With new and exciting products to take this concept into reality, there is no limit to how much we can increase our productivity when we do not constrain ourselves by limited function products and spaces. Pull up tables like the Transit Tablet Table provide spaces with the ability to function however they are needed. A quick meal, a spur-of-the-moment meeting, or just a change of scenery for your afternoon work – Transit exemplifies working on your terms. Companies now more than ever are relying on the power of shared ideas and teamwork to tackle the complex issues of today’s business challenges, therefore, the modern workplace demands collaborative products that work for you when and where you want them.

The adjustable height Parsons table by Nevins

There is no right or wrong way to use the office spaces of today and tomorrow. Instead, contract industry products are being designed to allow workers the ability to individually chose how to use their workplace products to best suit their productivity on any given day. The contract furniture pieces best exemplifying this concept often do not resemble the office furniture of decades past. Instead, we see multifunctional features like adjustable height tables/desks, lounge-like settings, teamwork-centered environments, and on-the-go products like pull-up anywhere tablet desks.

Nevins’ Climb seating is created for collaboration

Ultimately, the workspaces driving productivity and taking their businesses into the future are those that embrace their workers’ individuality to chose where and how they work at the office. Workspace preferences vary from person-to-person and the products that support productivity no matter how they are used are the products that we will see in the offices of today and tomorrow.