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Aglaonema, dracaena warneckii, golden pothos, birds nest fern: do these names ring a bell? If so, you likely have a very green thumb. To most of us “regular thumbed” folks, these names conjure up nothing familiar (except maybe the names of certain flying mythological creatures). But in fact, aglaonema, dracaena warneckii, golden pothos, and birds nest ferns are just four of the plant varieties that can be placed in Nevins’ Leaf Living Walls. Each plant brings a unique, beneficial, and beautiful characteristic with it wherever it resides.

Some of the plant varietals compatible with Leaf Living Walls.

Take the pothos plant for example (three color phases of pothos: golden, neon, and jade), nicknamed money plant in many parts of the world, pothos has been used in a variety of studies on the effects of plants on humans. A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that the pothos can induce an unconscious feeling of calmness in those who touch its living leaves (1). Additionally, studies have shown pothos is also efficient at removing indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene (2).

Birds nest ferns, another compatible Leaf plant, is native to temperate regions like eastern Asia but is unusually well suited to grow in an indoor environment. Birds nest ferns feature exceptionally brilliant green fern leaves and are perfectly healthy in even low to medium light environments (great for offices where the lights are off on weekends and evenings). Many avid home gardeners feature birds nest ferns in their homes as crucial part of their at-home rainforests.

Birds nest fern (

Leaf Living Walls is one of Nevins’ biophilic design products – all beneficial to any office, educational, retail, healthcare, or hospitality setting (to name a few!). Want to increase sales in a retail environment? Studies have shown customers are willing to pay 8-12% more for goods and services when in a space with biophilic elements. Our previous posts on biophilic designs and the benefits they bring to any indoor space have explored Nevins’ biophilic products like Bio Canvas, our wide-variety of planters, and now Leaf Living Walls – room dividers and wall features. 

In an increasingly fast-paced world and work environment, companies are paying close attention to every available tool to increase productivity and also employees’ efficiency. As we have explored, studies are showing the increasingly important effects biophilic designs have on health, wellness, and the bottom lines. And it’s not just offices that can benefit from these powerful green products. For example, education environments with biophilic products have seen learning rates rise by as much as 20-25%, test results improve, concentration levels increase, and ADHD effects are reduced. 

 Leaf Living Walls is a beautiful and practical way to bring some of nature’s best plants into any workplace. The builder tool on the  website allows anyone to design a custom Leaf Living Walls. Check out more on Leaf, and our previous posts on the many interesting benefits of biophilic designs, at and


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