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COVID Cleaning Protocol

For disinfectant, cleaning, and other information regarding COVID-19, please refer to the CDC here.

Improper cleaning and maintenance of any surface or material may result in the voiding of that product’s warranty. A small, inconspicuous area should always be tested before large scale cleaning.

All Nevins standard hard surfaces (including glass, metal, wood, laminate, plastic, powder coated metal) can be cleaned with one of these common quaternary compound-type cleaners:

  • Lysol All Purpose Spray Cleaner (EPA reg 777-99)
  • Lysol Disinfecting Wipes (EPA registration number 777-114)
  • Clorox Non-Bleach Disinfecting Wipes (EPA reg 67619-09)
  • Formula 409 Disinfecting Spray (EPA reg 67619-10)
  • FantastikAll Purpose Spray Cleaner (EPA reg 4822-530)

Please refer to the following Nevins Care and Maintenance documents for a complete list of cleaning and disinfectant information.

Care & Maintenance