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✱   Matching PVC edgebanding available for table tops and casegoods.
✱ †    Matching PVC edgebanding available for table tops only.
Please request laminates directly from the laminate manufacturer.
Non-Premium Laminates PDF

 Wild Cherry 
Wilsonart WA-7054.60 ✱
 Solar Oak 
Wilsonart WA-7816.60 ✱ †
Wilsonart WA-7850.60
Kensington Maple
Wilsonart WA-10776.60 ✱
Fusion Maple
Wilsonart WA-7909.60 ✱ †
White Nebula
Wilsonart WA-4621.60
 Grey Nebula 
Wilsonart WA-4622.60 ✱ †
Graphite Nebula
Wilsonart WA-4623.60
Cloud Nebula
Wilsonart WA-4630.60
  White Tigris  
Wilsonart WA-4783.60
  Titanium EV  
Wilsonart WA-4810.60
 Silicon EV 
Wilsonart WA-4811.60
 Nickel EV 
Wilsonart WA-4813.60
 Tungsten EV 
Wilsonart WA-4814.60
Desert Zephyr
Wilsonart WA-4841.60
Misted Zephyr
Wilsonart WA-4843.60
Loden Zephyr
Wilsonart WA-4844.60
Twilight Zephyr
Wilsonart WA-4845.60
Morro Zephyr
Wilsonart WA-4846.60
Cloud Zephyr
Wilsonart WA-4856.60
Shadow Zephyr
Wilsonart WA-4857.60
Spiced Zephyr
Wilsonart WA-4859.60
 Light Beige 
Wilsonart WA-1531.60 ✱
Antique White
Wilsonart WA-1572.60 ✱ †
 Frosty White 
Wilsonart WA-1573.60 ✱
Wilsonart WA-1595.60 ✱
Wilsonart WA-D327.60 ✱
Designer White
Wilsonart WA-D354.60 ✱ †
  White Sand  
Wilsonart WA-D403.60 ✱ †
  Khaki Brown  
Wilsonart WA-D50.60 ✱
 North Sea 
Wilsonart WA-D90.60 ✱ †
 Slate Grey 
Wilsonart WA-D91.60 ✱
 Dove Grey 
Wilsonart WA-D92.60 ✱

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